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♥ Lust For Life ♥

♥ Lust For Life ♥

Good music makes you FEEL, Good books make You IMAGINE and Good friends make you LIVE LIFE to the fullest.
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My tumblr, my page, my thoughts, my life, I read alot | I've recently learned to survive | I watch way too much t.v | Drawing is my escape (check My posts) | INSTAGRAM: noshinxoxo | Twitter: @noshinxoxo | I'd appreciate anything put in that ASK box:) |

Jessica Lange, 1974 by Antonio Lopez

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Ninth Doctor + Sass Master

The fact that I can legit hear his accent through the gifs, shows how memorable his sass was lol. I always forget that he may not have been as hot as Tenant or as quirky but he was the reason I started watching doctor who again and he was amazing.

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